Month: March 2015

New gTLD Domain Names

The new gTLDs are rolling out very quickly in the domain name world. g is for general usually spelt with a small g and TLD as capital letters standing for top level domains. The most famous top level domain is

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This is the story about the Akubra hat. I wanted a new hat. I wanted an Australian hat. I knew Akubra made it so I looked online, do not sell online, they only offer retail outlets. In my city

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The Umbrella bar is a cafe restaurant lounge bar in GlenHuntly Road, Elsternwick. I can often be found sitting at the tables outside having a coffee, maybe a meal, I really like their barramundi for 12 dollars. The owner Temo

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My Rosacea

I was diagnosed with Rosacea in 2010. I had a very red shiny nose and I thought it was from sunburn and windburn, but it persisted even in winter. So I went to the doctor. He referred me to a

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How not to watch footy

The Australian Football League (AFL) said “No Way”. I cannot watch my beloved, long suffering, Saints playing in Queensland. Then the AFL had a last minute change of mind. On the Friday night, the eve of the Saturday NAB Challenge

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