The Umbrella bar is a cafe restaurant lounge bar in GlenHuntly Road, Elsternwick. I can often be found sitting at the tables outside having a coffee, maybe a meal, I really like their barramundi for 12 dollars. The owner Temo who is Georgian by birth and came here via South Africa is a really great guy, really knows his business, knows how to look after the customers. That’s why I keep going back, and I hope you try it too. His website is It’s a great place to have a cup, and oh, he makes fantastic coffee and he employs some really great young people who have taught me a few words in a foreign language. I hope to see you outside, the outside tables, in Glenhuntly road, Elsternwick at the Umbrella bar.
I am experimenting with a new gTLD
Firstly I have it on forward to see how Google reacts.


I have 40 years experience in business, online for the last 15 years.

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