New gTLD Domain Names

The new gTLDs are rolling out very quickly in the domain name world. g is for general usually spelt with a small g and TLD as capital letters standing for top level domains. The most famous top level domain is .com. The Country Codes are known as CC TLDs like my own, or like The new gTLDs are the letters after the dot in a domain name. There will be hundreds and hundreds of them when it’s finally finished rolling out, or perhaps never finished. The challenge is to find them at a good price and not be tricked into bait and switch with the offer of cheap first year price and then the second year the price sky rockets. We may take 10 years to sell one of these? no matter how good it is, because people need to be aware Ironically there are more .com’s available now. People are dropping them. So .com is still king but hey let’s look at the gTLDs, my favorites are .wtf, .guru, .bar , .kiwi The registrars , Ihave noticed that sometimes have good prices are uniregistry if you’re a wholesale customer, and seems excellent for .com, full service with no taxes because bs is for Bahamas. Interestingly the CEO of that company used to be a Tasmanian sheep farmer, Tasmania is not far from where I live. For new gTLDs dynadot and enom have been recommended to me, it’s a real juggling act of finding a good price, oh yeah, a site like could be developed into something that points you in the right direction.
It would need to be updated regularly of course, and guess what?,, is owned by yours truly and it’s for sale, just go there and top right hand corner you’ll see and click offer button. Are you going to get a new gTLD? I would actually like a but yeah it’s taken and it’s probably for sale for a ridiculous amount. .domains, my friend has and domains hire ranks really high in Google. I haven’t had any luck ranking yet on any of my gTLDs, have you?

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