This is the story about the Akubra hat. I wanted a new hat. I wanted an Australian hat. I knew Akubra made it so I looked online akubra.com.au, do not sell online, they only offer retail outlets. In my city Melbourne, a very large city there are only 2 outlets, R. M. Williams and City Hatters. I went to the R. M. Williams store. The hats were 190 dollars each with limited stock. I asked about a drawstring so my hat did not blow away in the wind, the retail store people did not know about that so I called Akubra, they told me it was 2 dollars extra, I still should order through the retail store R. M. Williams, pay an extra 2 dollars for an indent order and it would take 12 weeks to arive. That’s 12 weeks for 1 draw string to be attached to an Akubra hat. This is Australia in business. I do not know who owns Akubra, perhaps their competition.

I have 40 years experience in business, online for the last 15 years.

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