My Rosacea

I was diagnosed with Rosacea in 2010. I had a very red shiny nose and I thought it was from sunburn and windburn, but it persisted even in winter. So I went to the doctor. He referred me to a skin specialist, who told me that I had a disease known as the W.C. Fields disease or Rosacea. The specialist told me nobody knew what caused it. What followed was a procession of skin specialists, plastic surgeons, and some of them recommended very expensive laser treatment,. One specialist was kind enough to tell me that the laser treatment would work,but would only be temporary and the Rosacea would probably come back. I’m a fairly vain person, so the shiny red nose embarrassed me. It disappeared when I went on a holiday to New York City. I thought it was some soap I bought there, by coincidence that soap was actually Australian soap. I’m an Australian you see. When I got home in Australia, I kept using the soap but the Rosacea reappeared, so I guessed it wasn’t the soapthat cleared up the Rosacea. A few years passed to 2014 and I was thinking one day, what is it that made my Rosacea disappear when I was having a holiday in lower east side of New York City? What was different? Then I realized what was different was that  I didn’t eat bread. British bread wasn’t available in New York City, it was this very sugary white bread in the supermarkets, it wasn’t to my palate, even from the bakeries. Bread wasn’t what we’re used to in Australia, so I decided in 2014 to stop eating bread. It worked! My Rosacea dissipated, my nose is no longer shiny…. it’s still a bit red and I have to watch sunburn and windburn, but it definitely worked. Stop eating bread, it is as simple as that.

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