How not to watch footy

The Australian Football League (AFL) said “No Way”.
I cannot watch my beloved, long suffering, Saints playing in Queensland. Then the AFL had a last minute change of mind. On the Friday night, the eve of the Saturday NAB Challenge clash, I read that yes, on Saturday afternoon I could watch my beloved Saints play in Queensland against Brisbane in a preseason match dubbed the NAB Challenge. Saturday afternoon came around. I checked my Foxtel pay TV subscription and the AFL footy channel. It was useless. Foxtel footy channel was not broadcasting the match. Then I went to my iPad and my android phone, and looked at the Telstra paid subscription to streaming all AFL games…., useless, nothing there. Then I got a tweet from the Saints, from saying there was streaming free to anybody. I clicked on that link, to my surprise it came up with a Telstra link, even though my paid subscription to Telstra was useless I could watch it streamed via Telstra through Now the challenge was to get it on my TV. Okay, this should be easy, I’ll do it from my android phone using Chromecast. The Chromecast came up with a warning, “this cast is restricted, you cannot cast this, this stream”. What? Oh well that doesn’t matter because I’ve got Apple TV which just mirrors. I fired up Apple TV from an iPad and sure enough I had the  game, even with obscure Australian commentary for the entire match, except it kept on freezing. Not drop out, freeze, whether that was my computer, my iPad, sorry, actually I was using a computer not an iPad, it was my mistake. Yeah, I was using an iMac. Yeah, it was the end, that it started freezing now whether that is due to my internet connection (I pay for HFC hybrid fiber cable also known as cable or whether it was the computer, or whether it was the cast itself, I don’t know, do you?

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