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Reading List 2014

Here are some books that I have read recently:  

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WAIT is an acronym I have begun to use daily. It stands for Why Am I Talking. I want to improve my listening skills. Anything I say, I know already. It is only when I listen that I learn something.

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Reading List 2013 personal development books

– How to win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie – Get Out of Neutral by JB Glossinger – Write it Down and Make it Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser – The Science of Fear by Daniel Gardner –

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Acquired Brain Injury

I have an acquired brain injury and I am trying to rehabilatate so that I can live the best life possible for me. Here is some information about acquired brain injury Acquired brain injury – Better Health Channel Acquired brain

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Morning Coach

Connect with other like-minded positive members from around the world, who will motivate, boost, and support you as you progress in you personal development. While the world may be against you, you will be able to count on the

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Brene Brown- Listening to shame

I pay a lot of attention to what happens and is shared through and I am quite fond of this remarkable Texas lady, Brene Brown. Please have a view of this great video of her at TED discussing vulnerability

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Try something new for 30 days

In order to have growth, you must first be willing to be vulnerable.  Why not try something new for 30 days?  Why not attempt to have a go at something you’ve thought about, but never felt confident in doing it

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How bad do you want it? part 2

How bad do you want it, part 2 is a video that motivates me and suggest taking challenges by the day and by the hour.   Click on Read More below to watch it now and become inspired within 5

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Achieving your childhood dreams

Listen carefully t o Randy’s last lecture  

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Bonza sheila tells it like it is

Watch this and learn from a clinical positive psychologist    

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