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2016 reading list

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Updated reading list in July 2016

I read and enjoyed these books, in no particular order: … 7 Days to Finding Your Passion JB Glossinger … Carpentaria Alexis Wright … The Ballad of Desmond Kale Roger McDonald … The Natural Way of Things Charlotte Wood …

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Reading List 2014

Here are some books that I have read recently:  

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Life Coach course workshop number 2

On the weekend of the 21 and 22 September 2013, I attended a workshop in Flinders St, Melbourne as part of a Life Coach Certificate IV qualification course that I am currently undertaking. It was the second workshop in a

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25 beginner mistakes with wordpress

I could not do a better job at listing the main mistakes ny newbies using wordpress, than the web site So here is a link to their list of 25 mistakes here to get there…

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Free IT EBOOKS are at How can the owners of such a great resource choose to use such a crap domain name? Not only a lousy dot info but hyphenated as well

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Reading List 2013 personal development books

– How to win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie – Get Out of Neutral by JB Glossinger – Write it Down and Make it Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser – The Science of Fear by Daniel Gardner –

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linking an image on your wordpress blog

here i use my mac to explain how to link an image on a wordpress self hosted blog to an ebay store using an EPN link that I have saved in notes

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