Find customers on Facebook

Use Facebook to attract new business.
First of all you’re going to need a Facebook page,
Log on to Facebook using your personal user and password,
and then go search on Create inside thew facebook search box.
You will then be able to create a page for your business.

Now you can employ somebody to make it a fancy looking page or whatever, or,
you can do it yourself.

Once you’ve got the page then the only way,
now I stress here, the only way you’re going to get business through your facebook page

is if you have a competition, and give stuff away.
The competition will involve people clicking Like on your page,
and then leaving their email data.
This way you’ll be up to build an email database and you’ll get Likes on your page,
allowing their friends to  see  if they want to.

Fortunately, there are companies that runs competitions for you.

I have used North Social sweepstakes app to run competitions

Facebook makes it compulsory for you to use a third party.

You’ve got to give away some prize, preferably one related to your industry,

If it was my industry, I’ll be giving away an iPad, valued at about 700 dollars. If it’s your industry, say your industry is fishing,
then  you give away a fishing line.
You must  use a 3rd party,

Once you have your page setup, and your competition setup, then you need to advertise that competition and the URL of your page that has the competition through Facebook.

You do that by drilling down and targeting the people who have already indicated that they like something to do with your industry.

And if it is a local industry you will want to drill down on as local asyou can get. You can drill down so far that you can get just one person, target just one person.

That’s fairly powerful stuff.

And allocate a budget, of you know, how much you want to spend;  just treat it like you would be putting an ad in the newspaper, so much for a couple of weeks, maybe a month.

It will only work for the first month.

And then you make a draw of your competition which you need to video.You can video using an iPhone and then upload the video to YouTube, so it looks, so it looks so it is above board. Then now you print out the names of the people who have enter the competition and cut with your scissors, cut it to little strips and put them all in a hat and draw them out like you would be drawing a raffle.

It’s important not to cheat on the prize.

You’ve got to give the prize to the person who wins and then post the results and the video on your page. You cannot advise the winner that they won through facebook.You need to use their emal or phone or address that you collected when they entered the competition

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