Facebook voice and GeoTheme

Two wonderful things happened this week. Facebook introduced Voice Record Messages to Facebook Messaging. It seems to work fine on phones and tablets and other devices. On the computer, at least Windows, it’s another thing, it needs messenger installed and even then I couldn’t get it to run , but on the phone it works fine, and people are very surprised to get a Facebook voice message.

The other thing that happened this week is that I just bought a WordPress theme called Geotheme, which is one of the best WordPress themes that I have ever seen. They have an affiliate program that pays 50 dollars per sale or up to 50 dollars, so I would get on that gig at geotheme.com I’m about to release my first website using it and then convert that website to an iPhone app and an Android app. I don’t want to release the URL of that site yet, because it’s still work in progress.

Thank you for reading.


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