WordPress com or org

We watched several youtube videos about the difference between wordpress. com and wordpress.org and here’s what I found out. For wordpress.com, it is absolutely free if domain name is yourname.wordpress.com or you pay a minimum amount per year to remove the “wordpress”, and no software maintenance required because wordpress.com is your host meaning its always live and fast and you always have support, just in case the website crashed. You can also choose from a library free themes and you will have 3 gb of storage space limit, if you need higher then you’ll need to pay for it. The downside of it are, it doesn’t allow you to upload video and audio to your site, no FTP access and no plugins available.

On the other , wordpress.org is hosted on your own or a third party server (typically $5 per month), you can provide your own domain name (typically $10 per year), no ads (unless you choose to monetize your site), you can choose a variety of theme or upload your own, no storage space limit, have FTP access, multi-site capabilities, allow plugins and more. The downsides are you’re responsible for your software updates, spam, hacking and complicated to use. This website is powered by wordpress.org and we think its amazing to use.

I have 40 years experience in business, online for the last 15 years.

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