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WordPress com or org

WORDPRESS.COM OR .ORG? MARCH 14, 2014 R LEAVE A COMMENT We watched several youtube videos about the difference between wordpress. com and and here’s what I found out. For, it is absolutely free if domain name is

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Video killed the radio. Not.

Yes . It was a great song. Video killed the radio. Just not factual. Video did not kill the radio. How many radio stations can I get on a phone with tune in . com ? It is unlikely video

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Starting your WordPress blog

Starting your new WordPress blog has just gotten easier with the informative articles and great resources provided by WP Beginner.  This website is one that I’ve just found and definitely bookmarked for future reference.  It has some really great information

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Blogging mistake number 2

The best time to start a blog is 20 years ago. No it isn’t.  The best time to start a blog is right now this very second! The mistake made by the majority of people is that they procrastinate on 

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How to start a blog

Establishing your new blog: This article is not aimed at “business blogging” but it certainly can be used as a reference guide or stepping stone to the understanding of what you would need to get started in personal interest blog

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Mistake number 1 in blogging

a good address

So many people have blogs with great content, awesome images and brilliant design.  However, most have one thing in common that is a stopping their blog from really taking off.  That one thing is the domain name.  Many use a

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Add an image to your post or comment

Have you seen the photos next to bloggers or people that comment onto blog posts?  Have you ever wanted to have an image next to your post or comment?  This photo is called a Gravatar and you can follow the

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Short answers to Google

The short answers to questions about Google without having to watch Matt Cutts and his updates that have little relevant information.

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SAVE right now on web hosting!

I just received this in my inbox a couple of hours ago and wanted to share it.  It’s a great deal.  You can save  on a new web hosting plan through HostGator and if you’ve been thinking about where to

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