Toastmasters discriminating on disability

I joined toastmasters 5 years ago.The club I joined means I became a member of D73. I believe that stands for the district 73. Every year the district has a semi-annual conference and an annual conference organised by volunteers

I have paid for and attended both and I enjoyed them and learn a lot and met lots of really interesting  people. 

 A couple of years ago I went to an annual conference for Toastmasters  D73 In Carlton, Melbourne. It was at a Rydges hotel.

I’m in an electric wheelchair.

I arrived at the convention in a wheelchair taxi The hotel had told me that they did have an entrance for disabled people …. I was surprised to find  the entrance for wheelchairs was inside a  car park underground which was locked. The taxi driver managed to get the staff to unlock the door to the carpark. However the taxi could not enter into the carpark because of a low entrance. So I entered the car park in my electric wheelchair while there were cars exiting that nearly ran over me. Then I found the lift and a staff member help me use the lift to take me to the foyer and the floor that the convention was on. I was again surprised to see that there were no disabled toilets available on that floor. The Hotel staff said they did have a disabled toilet on another floor.  in fact on the swimming pool floor. It was very difficult to use with a an old fashioned design and door. Recently I was surprised again to see that that same hotel had been chosen for the 2017  D73 toastmasters annual conference.

 I have communicated to the organizers my dissatisfaction that I have been… What’s the word I am  looking for …discriminated against.Do you have any thoughts?

I have 40 years experience in business, online for the last 15 years.

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