The suitcase enters Thailand

My teenage daughter insisted on bringing a suitcase on our trip to Paris
The suitcase was inadvertently checked through to only Bangkok where we changed planes.
The three of us walked through the Bangkok international terminal until we saw  two signs. East transfers and West transfers. Pondering the meaning of these signs we concluded that we should follow the West Transfers sign because we were travelling west from Bangkok
Katie was told that her suitcase could be collected from a carousel that was in a different direction
Katie left us with here hand luggage including her money
Katie had to pass the immigration barrier into Thailand to collect here case
Then to return to the airport lounges, she was required to pay a departure tax.
Except she did not have any money with her
Airline staff found me and accepted payment through my credit card.
I prefer to travel with only hand luggage
Of course that might change now I am in a wheelchair.
I am not convinced I will ever enjoy overseas travel again,because my jaunts to other countries always involved walking considerable distances
My wife intends to travel overseas and I need to adjust to life at home while my wife is travelling overseas.
However she must go or she will feel trapped by my disability.
This is one of the most difficult issues for me as I try to recover from my illness.


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