TEDx Melbourne Australia 2014

The morning of 10/10/2014 TEDx Melbourne started with Dianne McGrath who is on the short list of Australians is to travel to Mars. Mars the next Quantum Leap.  Dianne not only opened the show, she  opened our minds. Wow!

The second speaker was Michelle Gallaher on scientific border control

The third speaker was Josh Young making music from motion with an invention that connected his hand to an iPhone and onto a laptop, before speaker Phil Phelan talked about the new type of glass, beyond silicon.

Max Walker was a highlight of the day, Dream taker or dream maker? become a character angel.

After lunch Torb Peterson, an American, spoke on 1200 sounds that prove your a liar.

Torb was followed by Sandy McDonald , Tell your story save a life.

Peter Hutton a teacher  was very impressive with what if students controlled their own learning.

Cathy Foley, who had a long career at the CSIRO, spoke on what can women do for science.

Andrew Gosen was a very funny kiwi whose talk was titled “respect the criminal code”  His story of his crimes and trying to tell the cops.

Next Ant Williams was stepping up to the edge

Marshall Ferber predicting the unexpected was sensational for me. Absolutely fantastic, absolutely awesome.

Ken Cato spoke about recognise me – building believable brand identities

The day ended with free alcohol or drinks at a nearby bar next to the replica sailing ship the Polly Woodside

TEDx rocks!!

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