When I was recovering from my stroke at Caulfield Rehabilitation Hospital, many health professionals helped me.

The physio in the neuro gym did an amazing job getting me to walk again.

Of course, this was before my spine infection and surgery that put me in a wheel chair.

I am forever in awe of the work done by the physios, especially Genevieve, Rod, Ashley, Lucy, and their assistant students.

The nurses in the hospital were awesome.

The doctors did many tests on me trying to find out the reason for my high blood pressure, the cause of the stroke.

While looking at my kidney scan, the doctors found a mass or tumour attached to my kidney.

A subsequent biopsy revealed the mass was malignant. I was told I had cancer.

Last week I had keyhole surgery to remove the mass. The operation was successful and now I do NOT have cancer.

I came home after a week recovering at the Alfred Centre.

After a few weeks I will be able to resume outpatient physio. Already I can walk a few steps around the home, with the help of a frame.


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