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Starting your new WordPress blog has just gotten easier with the informative articles and great resources provided by WP Beginner.  This website is one that I’ve just found and definitely bookmarked for future reference.  It has some really great information in the form of a beginners guide as well as freebies, recommended themes and plugins, a news section along with special services to assist you.

The best feature by far on the website is the video tutorials.  Syed Balkhi has nailed it when putting together these quality tut vids and to offer such high quality lessons about WordPress via videos for free is very, very commendable.  He’s done it to weed out on some of the “deal offers” by self proclaimed “expert bloggers” that seemingly take advantage of newbies entering the blogging world and in particular, being a WP Beginner.

Have a look around the website and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much information is readily available to help you on your new journey in blogging or even like myself, spur some new information that will undoubtedly assist me here on  I’m happy to pass along this fantastic resource and wish you the best.


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2 comments on “Starting your WordPress blog
  1. Jenni Whipple says:

    Hey Joe,great review! I’ve not tried out some of the video’s to make my blog better,but I certainly will now! Thank you!

  2. Joseph Honan says:

    Thank you Jenni.