Some of the people who have helped me recover

I would like to mention some of the people who have helped me to learn to walk again

Simon Mathieson is a talented physiotherapist in the Ashley Ricketts Centre at Caulfield hospital

Simon originally saw me 3 times a week for 6 weeks

Simon advocated for me to the people that make decisions and maged to extend my therapy for 6 months

Simon never waivered from his belief that hw would get me waling again. Many times I doubted this was possible.

He was right. Thank you Simon. You are a genius of a physiotherapist.

My Occupational Therapist from the same centre saw me at home. I callewd him Shell Bells

He showed me how to move safely around the house, recommended equipment and suggested I might try volunteering

He also put me in touch with an Open Access program run by local Councils.

They told me about Troy and Nathan at a local YMCA gym

Although still in a wheel chair at that stage they accepted me at the Gym and gave me a brilliant trainer named Mark Boddington

It was after phsical training with Mark that all Simon’s efforts paid off and I went whole days without using a wheel chair.

At the same gym, Viv accepted me into an all abilities discosize class


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