Samsung wireless charger mystery solved


This is the second samsung wireless phone charger that I have owned.
I have stopped using the samsung wireless charger. My home is too dusty. It appears to work properly only in a pristine environment.
The first charger I bought was black and did not fast charge.
They both had the same problem. They would start to flash blue during a charging session and the charging would stop.
Very annoying for 2 reasons.
Firstly I do not need to be woken up by a blue flashing light in the middle of the night. That is  the job of the police not Samsung.
Secondly waking up to a phone that is not completely charged throws into doubt the decision to buy a wireless charger. Let alone the decision to upgrade to a fast charger wireless style.
Of course the chargers are not completely wireless. They need to be plugged into power.
But you dont have to fiddle with plugging a cord into the phone. Just place it on the charger.
The mystery of why it stops charging has been solved.
It is dust.
If the charger is not completely clean, it will overheat and send the blue flashing warning signal then turn off.
A wipe with a cloth occasionally is enough to remove any dust.

And still the phone stopped charging and the wireless charger flashed blue.

Then I tried the suggestion to turn DAYDREAM on.

Settings…..display….daydream on.

Ahhh. Finally the wireless charger charges the phone.

Why don’t Samsung tell you to turn on Daydream in their FAQ

Obviously because it is a software bug that they will eventually fix and would rather not disclose they have bugs.

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