First try at Flippa

I tried a listing on Flippa last night and the end result was make sure you have the WHoIs right before you attempt to list a domain name for sale.
I started the listing and it went well. I chose domain name only, not website. And it said that the minimum listing fee was 29 dollars. There were ad ons available and 50 dollars seemed reasonable for an upgrade to the home page for a period of unspecified time. I finished the listing and got the news that they will take 5% the sale price as a sale fee. I agreed. And I pay.
And the choice to pay the listing fee was by Paypal or credit card.
I chose Paypal. They charged my paypal for the listing fee. They didn’t check if I had enough funds to pay the sale fee. Maybe they think It will not sell. I don’t know.
There is a Credit Card attached to my Paypal account. Who knows if it is current or has enough funds to pay the 5% of the sell fee on the domain name I’m attempting to auction. They recommended the 5-day auction, and not to automatically accept bids. So I chose “Yes, start at 1 dollar”, and I have a reserve which I, I hope is hidden. I will let you guys know it’s 19,000 dollars.
They wanted to validate after I paid the fee, wanted to validate my who is , by sending an email to the who is address. Well, it failed, it rejected. Because for many years now, I’ve had this text in the whois This name may be for sale, in the contact admin and the technical fields on the Who is. So Flippa gave me a message on the screen that they couldn’t find an email address on my Who is reports. I only needed to check domain tools to see that the reason why, but it wasn’t without looking for it. And Flippa only gives you one chance. You can’t go try again. I changed the Who Is, but no luck, it wouldn’t try again. Maybe if I delete and start all, or I’ll delete the listing and start all over again it will work, but I’ve already paid. I’ve paid the list fee worth 29 plus 50 is it? 79 dollars for the listing. So I went to the FAQ. Now this was written with just websites in mind, it makes no mention of domain only auctions. It suggests, to validate, you could put a code on the website, HTML, and then validate it that way. There was no mention of domain name only auctionsand domain names that are parked names that, like this one is, are parked. Another alternative they gave is to verify ownership by adding a text line to your DNS at the registrar. I actually dont know how to do this at my registrar. So, Flippa has my listing fee, and they have a support request from me. I think their support only works from Monday to Friday, USA time. I’m in Australia and it’s Monday, so it’s still Sunday in the USA . So I’m just waiting for them to get back to me, before I can go any further. Anyhow make sure you have the Who Is completely right before listing at Flippa. I I know domain tools is great place to check who is. I actually use an old site that forwards to domain tools and that is SC is the country code for the Seychelles. I use that because I can remember it, I can type that in, it’s really easy to type that in, so I always type in, it takes you to the domain tools site, for the simple reason that domain tools bought, some years ago. Okay, soon as I get an update, I’ll post it again. Thank you for reading.


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