Travel itinerary obsession

I flew from Melbourne Australia via Bangkok to Paris France on 1st October 2011.
The check in desk at Melbourne created a fuss because I did not have an itinerary.
My brother,Tom, has since told me that he has flown all over the world frequently without an itinerary.
The end result of the fuss at Melbourne airport was that my daughter,s suitcase was only checked through to Bangkok , not Paris.
More on that kerfuffle later.
The checkin girl in Melbourne told me I would probably be jailed for not having an itinerary.
Because I was travelling with my very attractive wife and one of my beautiful teenage daughters, I decided I would find an Internet printer at the airport and print the itinerary.
The hard and cold checkin girl lectured about the dangers of booking flights online without a travel agent to warn me of perils like being jailed for being itinerary less.
Enquiries at the information desk revealed the only place with a public printer was the baggage desk.
They charged $8 per page. Fortunately the girl on the baggage desk could not get the screen monitor to work.
I suspect it was not plugged in.
She then told me that I could go to the hotel under the car park and print there.
I snuck in the hotel lift behind a couple guests and went to the business lounge.
It was deserted and each computer there wanted a password
Disappointed I trudged downstairs and asked the desk clerk where I could print an itinerary.
He insisted that I really needed to print a boarding pass and that their bar had a PC and printer set up to do that.
So I was able to get an itinerary printed for free.
The bar maid just smiled at me while I got my print.
Needless to say no one ever needed the itinerary.


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