Year: 2016

Toastmasters discriminating on disability

I joined toastmasters 5 years ago.The club I joined means I became a member of D73. I believe that stands for the district 73. Every year the district has a semi-annual conference and an annual conference organised by volunteers I

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Focus on Ability   HaHa. I missed the closing date of 30 June 2016 So nice of them to keep advertising it. There is always next year. Although tomorrow is not promised.

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Joseph Honan M.E.

I am one of the world’s leading experts in domain names. My name is Joseph Honan I am a Life Coach in small business, qualified certificate IV in the Australian tertiary framework. I am AMES trained English language volunteer tutor I

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2016 reading list

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How may I help you?

Give me a call if I can help you. My mobile phone number within Australia is 0429 429 909 From anywhere else, +61 429 429 909

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Samsung wireless charger mystery solved

This is the second samsung wireless phone charger that I have owned. I have stopped using the samsung wireless charger. My home is too dusty. It appears to work properly only in a pristine environment. The first charger I bought

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