Month: January 2013

Find customers on Facebook

Use Facebook to attract new business. First of all you’re going to need a Facebook page, Log on to Facebook using your personal user and password, and then go search on Create inside thew facebook search box. You will then

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Clive of Clyde

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The auction of the domain name has started on

The auction of the domain name has started on It’s on the front page. That’s a 5-day auction. There are 4 days left at this time and there’s been 1 bid, 500 dollars. It’s been on the front

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Take the bull by the horns

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  This has been one of the oldest of sayings that rings so clear, yet so simply, that it resonates through every depth of each valley throughout life itself. More text here and here.

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First try at Flippa

I tried a listing on Flippa last night and the end result was make sure you have the WHoIs right before you attempt to list a domain name for sale. I started the listing and it went well. I chose

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For the first time, FLIPPA

I am going to try and sell my domain name,, by auction on I have only just realised that they auction domain name only, as well as their bread butter, web sites, I read that they belong to

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Some of the people who have helped me recover

I would like to mention some of the people who have helped me to learn to walk again Simon Mathieson is a talented physiotherapist in the Ashley Ricketts Centre at Caulfield hospital Simon originally saw me 3 times a week

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Will Apps make domain names obsolete?

Another way the domain name game has changed forever, is the rise of apps on smart phones. Both the Apple app store and the Google app store make available to the smart phone user, a plethora of programs to do

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Why your domain is not so special

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Recommended reading for any domainer

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