Year: 2013

Eric Thomas

I flew to Brisbane, Queensland, to see and hear Eric Thomas of TGIM WOW!

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My icebreaker

my speech in m4a format I am going to talk about 60 years of my life inĀ  in 6 minutes centred on electronic signals I am not going to talk about my sexlife, sorry to disappoint. I am not going

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Evernote and drop box hiding on samsung note 3

The evernote and the drop box icon hide in apps inside a folder icon named Galaxy Plus. This info could have saved me time

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Life Coach course workshop number 2

On the weekend of the 21 and 22 September 2013, I attended a workshop in Flinders St, Melbourne as part of a Life Coach Certificate IV qualification course that I am currently undertaking. It was the second workshop in a

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new iphone 5c and Iphone 5s

People addicted to colour will love the new iphone 5c People who want extra grunt in their phone’s system and camera will be lining up gor the iphone 5 s. However I will not be getting either. Nowhere in all

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The Short Cuts to Matt Cutts

The short answers to every video made by Mr Matt Cutts of Google can be found at The Short Cuts .com web site. Save yourself hours, maybe even days, while finding the answers to your questions about how Google treats

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I tried the google 7 nexus I tried the Samsung note 10 I tried the kindle paper white I tried the Sony laptop I tried IBM note book 10 I tried the iPhone 3, 4 , Wifi 3G , 4g

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iPad mini

In 1979, I was 27 years old, and I did not use the internet. I was more interested in sourcing a brick , a car mobile. There was a queue of 4000 customers. And now we have an iPad mini,

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Sign of the times

What a bargain! Where do you get one of these carry on suitcases that weigh less than the death penalty? That depends where you live. Contact me

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25 beginner mistakes with wordpress

I could not do a better job at listing the main mistakes ny newbies using wordpress, than the web site So here is a link to their list of 25 mistakes here to get there…

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