Month: April 2012

Visitors were always more than welcome

In Caulfield hospital I was fortunate enough to spend time with people who visited me. Sometimes I came to know those people a lot better than previously. Margaret Younger one of my visitors, whose bright outlook on life always cheered me

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I went to Rehab twice

My rehab was at Caulfield Hospital Here is the head honcho

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St Anne’s hospital Paris

I was in St Anne’s for 3 weeks Although I was recovering from a near death experience, it was tremendous fun. Many of the young nurses were from Niger, a former French colony in Africa Theses young black nurses gossiped,

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The suitcase enters Thailand

My teenage daughter insisted on bringing a suitcase on our trip to Paris The suitcase was inadvertently checked through to only Bangkok where we changed planes. The three of us walked through the Bangkok international terminal until we saw  two

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