Twitter shares

Twitter shares on the NewYork Stock Exchange NYSE:TWTR are remaining steady at just over $usd 50. With the exchange rate on the Australian dollar at 75 cents today, this means even if an Australian had bought Twitter shares some months ago when they were $usd55 , that Aussie would still be making a profit by selling today because of the decline in the value of the Australian dollar.
I am a big fan of twitter and encourage my friends to use Twitter Direct Messaging to replace email.
You can only send direct messages to twitter users if you follow them and they follow you. That sure cuts down on messages from strangers.
The other advantage to a twitter  direct message is the need to be concise.
It should not be too long now until Australians get over their obsession with facebook and embrace twitter. The media and celebrities already  appear to love it.

I have 40 years experience in business, online for the last 15 years.

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