Gmail on mobiles

Is this true? The default setting for gmail on a mobile device is to NOT send any attachments with any email that is fowarded?
So say I book and pay for a ticket to something and I receive the tickets in an email attachment. Lets say a pdf document with a bar code.
Now if I read that email on a mobile device in my gmail and then forward the email to a friend with the intention of giving them the ticket in the attachment, then The friend will receive the forwarded email without any attachment.
If this is true, there must be many people missing flights or events because of a default setting in email.
And it is not exactly easy to change that setting.
You need to go to a computer to change that setting that prevents attachments automatically being sent with a fowarded email
Have I got the facts correct?

I have 40 years experience in business, online for the last 15 years.

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