Foxtel and free to air


I am watching Foxtel in Melbourne on Foxtel cable and on the main menu there is an option for channels 9, 7, 10, ABC and SBS, the 5 major free to air channels. I’m thinking where were the other free to air channels. There 29 free to air channels in Melbourne Victoria Australia according to So let’s have a look for them. Oh, I see. Where are the others on Foxtel cable? There are more: there is channel 7two alright, hidden on channel 137, Another free to air station channel GO! is there on channel 139 and channel 11 is there on channel 141 So that’s another 3. SBS2 is available on channel 142. Next is where it gets really interesting, there are 3 HD channels hidden on channels 207, 209 and 210 and they are 7mate HD, Gem HD and One HD, and the interesting part about this is I don’t pay the 10 dollars a month that Foxtel wants for HD ( High Definition ) reception, yet I can still get those 3 channels in HD presumably because they’re free to air. Channel Gem is a favorite with my friends who like Rugby league because it broadcasts 3 matches a week That is a lot of Rugby league in HD as well. So all together I’ve found another 3 HD channels and another 3 free to air channels, it was original 5 that’s 11 so there’s still 18 missing that I can’t see, I wonder where they are?

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