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The gift of giving and domain names

I am so happy that my cyber buddy, Albert, accepted my gift this morning, of a domain name. It is true that giving can bring more joy than receiving. And I got a boost to my ego, in that one

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Android Mini PC RK3066

The newest Android Mini PC has burst onto the scene and for such a small device, it packs a massive punch and the price is crazy at only $60!  TimingPower has built what we believe is the best performing mini

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Screen Addiction

Screen addiction is a trending topic online and rightfully so as the number of mobile phones in the World have exceeded the number of toilets.  The growing quest for more information as well as staying connected via instant communication is

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David Pogue’s top 10 time saving tech tips

David Pogue offers up some tips that I knew about already and also several others that I was unaware of that will make everyday life online more time productive.  This is a great video worth spending 5 minutes watching as

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review

The next version of the highly popular Samsung smart phone is out and the Galaxy S4 packs a hefty price tag.  The low down on the phone after Samsung’s much anticipated release of this flagship has actually proved to be

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Google Nexus 4 with Jelly Bean 4.2 by LG

The Google Nexus 4 by LG The much anticipated arrival of the next Google Android phone has arrived and it has done so in a big, big way! It now has a crisp 4.7 inch display that allows for vibrant

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Will Apps make domain names obsolete?

Another way the domain name game has changed forever, is the rise of apps on smart phones. Both the Apple app store and the Google app store make available to the smart phone user, a plethora of programs to do

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