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2016 reading list

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Acquired Brain Injury

I have an acquired brain injury and I am trying to rehabilatate so that I can live the best life possible for me. Here is some information about acquired brain injury Acquired brain injury – Better Health Channel Acquired brain

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Quotes I like

Quotes Be yourself. Everyone else is taken ……….Oscar Wilde If you live every day as if it is your last, one day you will be right…. Steve Jobs There are 2 types of people in the world. There are those

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Some of the people who have helped me recover

I would like to mention some of the people who have helped me to learn to walk again Simon Mathieson is a talented physiotherapist in the Ashley Ricketts Centre at Caulfield hospital Simon originally saw me 3 times a week

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I can walk

in late December 2012 I started to walk around the house without any aids. My physiottherapist was right. The doctors were not right when they said I would never walk again.

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When I was recovering from my stroke at Caulfield Rehabilitation Hospital, many health professionals helped me. The physio in the neuro gym did an amazing job getting me to walk again. Of course, this was before my spine infection and

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Cedric and Jean Marie

My physiotherapist at the hospital in Paris was a young man named Cedric. Fortunately for me, Cedric had travelled to New Zealand and Queensland, so he could understand my Australian accent. I wasted much of my physio therapy getting Cedric

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Visitors were always more than welcome

In Caulfield hospital I was fortunate enough to spend time with people who visited me. Sometimes I came to know those people a lot better than previously. Margaret YoungerĀ one of my visitors, whose bright outlook on life always cheered me

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I went to Rehab twice

My rehab was at Caulfield Hospital Here is the head honcho

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St Anne’s hospital Paris

I was in St Anne’s for 3 weeks Although I was recovering from a near death experience, it was tremendous fun. Many of the young nurses were from Niger, a former French colony in Africa Theses young black nurses gossiped,

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