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The gift of giving and domain names

I am so happy that my cyber buddy, Albert, accepted my gift this morning, of a domain name. It is true that giving can bring more joy than receiving. And I got a boost to my ego, in that one

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Updated reading list in July 2016

I read and enjoyed these books, in no particular order: … 7 Days to Finding Your Passion JB Glossinger … Carpentaria Alexis Wright … The Ballad of Desmond Kale Roger McDonald … The Natural Way of Things Charlotte Wood …

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Selling the Football gear business

Denise and I have decided that after nearly 15 years of selling sports gear online it is time to move on. Therefore theĀ  Victorian Australia registered business name Football Fashions is for sale together with its eBay shop with over

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Foxtel and free to air

Free hd channels on Foxtel

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Senbowe earphones

Looks like Senbowe make a great bluetooth micro wireless head set for phone or music in China and then sell only in the USA. Is this correct? is beyond my comprehension

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Twitter shares

Twitter shares on the NewYork Stock Exchange NYSE:TWTR are remaining steady at just over $usd 50. With the exchange rate on the Australian dollar at 75 cents today, this means even if an Australian had bought Twitter shares some months

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New gTLD Domain Names

The new gTLDs are rolling out very quickly in the domain name world. g is for general usually spelt with a small g and TLD as capital letters standing for top level domains. The most famous top level domain is

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This is the story about the Akubra hat. I wanted a new hat. I wanted an Australian hat. I knew Akubra made it so I looked online, do not sell online, they only offer retail outlets. In my city

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The Umbrella bar is a cafe restaurant lounge bar in GlenHuntly Road, Elsternwick. I can often be found sitting at the tables outside having a coffee, maybe a meal, I really like their barramundi for 12 dollars. The owner Temo

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My Rosacea

I was diagnosed with Rosacea in 2010. I had a very red shiny nose and I thought it was from sunburn and windburn, but it persisted even in winter. So I went to the doctor. He referred me to a

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