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The gift of giving and domain names

I am so happy that my cyber buddy, Albert, accepted my gift this morning, of a domain name. It is true that giving can bring more joy than receiving. And I got a boost to my ego, in that one

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my domain portfolio is at flippa at  

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New gTLD Domain Names

The new gTLDs are rolling out very quickly in the domain name world. g is for general usually spelt with a small g and TLD as capital letters standing for top level domains. The most famous top level domain is

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Oh for Pete’s sake. Will you get your own domain, site and email

Get a domain at name cheap now

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Monthly Melbourne morning tea for domainers

A regular monthly morning tea meeting in Melbourne Vic Australia on the first Friday of every month had been set up on The first was yesterday 5th April 2013 and some great new faces turned up, eager to learn

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Will Apps make domain names obsolete?

Another way the domain name game has changed forever, is the rise of apps on smart phones. Both the Apple app store and the Google app store make available to the smart phone user, a plethora of programs to do

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Short answers to Google

The short answers to questions about Google without having to watch Matt Cutts and his updates that have little relevant information.

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Oh life

Many succesfuly people use a journal to list what they are grateful for. I use diaro, on android and dat one on iOS For email to a private web site , try

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Facebook Business pages

On 2013 NFL Super Bowl day, a couple of things became clear to me. Firstly the question, who is living rent free in your head? Secondly, the statement, that if you cannot measure it, it does not exist. I’m having

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Facebook voice and GeoTheme

Two wonderful things happened this week. Facebook introduced Voice Record Messages to Facebook Messaging. It seems to work fine on phones and tablets and other devices. On the computer, at least Windows, it’s another thing, it needs messenger installed and

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